Silhouette on Sunday....

I missed out! Bummer!! George Strait, who is a Country's top recording artist [and a part time resident of Rockport Texas where Hurricane Harvey made landfall last month], paid a visit to Rockport this Thursday. Bud and I had other plans, but only if I had known beforehand, I may have got his autograph and perhaps a life time opportunity to get a photo standing by him. Oh well.  Needless to say, all morning I've been humming one of my favorite George Strait songs...Amarillo by Morning.

I just liked this 'cause of the "mushroom-form" cloud seen above my watermark signature

Then, another day, another view of the morning cloud formations and one silhouette that I thought made a mighty pretty scene. These were all taken along the drive into Indian Point Park. The park, early that morning, was still gated shut. But, I sneaked under the gate and walked. I found out that there were still some downed-power lines along the road, so that explained the closure. I didn't stop much for the fact I kept thinking I may be arrested for being there at the time. A hurried walk in and out. But, not before I got a few photos as I quickly focused here and there and made my way back to the beginning; at the gate. Sunset Lakes [an adjacent park via a walking trail] was opened, so once out, I walked and tallied up my 10000 steps there instead...

Early morning clouds above the fishing pier at Indian Point and then, some of the fresh water ponds along the paved park road [3 photos]

The sun rays and the water reflecting the sunshine was awe inspiring this particular morning!!

A lone seagull silhouetted. Distant seagulls calling in the background made for a heavenly, peaceful walk!! Perhaps it was 'cause I was the only fool one to take my chances where everything was closed to human traffic. S'pose?

Along the 2 mile trail, I spotted many birds in the ponds and along the pavement were many plovers and sandpipers. I veered off the trail at one point, through the juniper lined landscaping, to view the Gulf of Mexico [Corpus Christi Bay] and found plenty of gulls and terns and a couple of black skimmers at rest on a shoal in the shallow bay waters.

Coming up on 9500 steps, I reversed my direction and diverted to the area on the opposite side of the trail...

A Great Egret in the vegetation dwarfed the snowy egret beside it as they foraged the standing water. The other image is a 2nd snowy egret that popped up from its hiding while feeding - double the pleasure!!

At a rest stop so I could cool down from the morning heat before getting back into the air conditioned car, I really liked the shadow of the youthful mesquite tree against the fresh water lake. Still, the silence was so terrific, I didn't want to leave all too soon.