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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


The sun punches through in a
white shining ball
To the sound of a single
unseen seagull's call...
Morning Joe Murphy

During the late autumn and early winter around these parts of South Texas, "patchy fog" is a given if you're out in the early morning hours. Sometimes, it can be so thick that visibility is near nil!!! I was out driving in those conditions the other day [before the cold front moved in and snow fell] to head out for my walk along Pollywog Ponds. When I left home, it was clear. By the time I got on the freeway there were spots of thick fog build-up drifting low on the ground. It was pretty. Then, I'd find myself driving in the clear with patches of blue sky above. Once I got to the area for my walk, I was hoping the fog would be hanging low on the ponds and river bank. This is what I encountered:

The smaller the first photo there is an American Coot on the water [dark spot] and in the second image there are a couple of ducks [look for the disturbed water at left center]

Looking from one pond through the trees to the fog lying low along the other pond in the background.  And, looking through the trees along the river bank [Nueces River]

The Nueces River [both images] there is a motor boat in the 2nd image

Clearing skies above the larger pond and the river in the other photo.

Patchy fog looking over the ponds to the fields.

Another post coming soon...the Forest Medieval